NO Country&Westan(C & W) / Bluegrass <LP Record> 状態 価格
Barbara Mandrell
CWL 2000 Moods [(USA)ABC.AY-1088] M/M \500
CWL 1001 HE SET MY LIFE TO MUSIC [(USA)MCA/Songbird.MCA-5330(OSOS,Liner/Insert)] M-/EX \500
Bill Monroe
CWL 2001 The Best of… (2LP) [(USA)MCAMCA2-4090(GF,LabelInnerSleeve)] M-/EX- \600
Bluegrass Cardinals
CWL 2002 Live & on Stage (2LP) [(USA)CMH.CMH-9023(GF)] M-/M \800
Brenda Lee
CWL 2003 Little Miss Dynamite (22 Sensational Hits) [(UK)Warwick.WW-5083(LabelInnerSleeve)] M-/M \500
CWL 2004 Even Better [(USA)MCA.MCA-3211(LabelInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 2005 Take Me Back [(USA)MCA.MCA-5143(LabelInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 2006 Only When I Laugh [(USA)MCA.MCA-5278] M-/M \500
Buck Owens
CWL 2007 The Best of … [(Japan)Toshiba.CR-7008<Mono><RedDisc>(LyricSheet)] M-/M \1,900
Charley Pride
CWL 2008 Burgers and Fries / When I Stop Leaving(I'll Be Gone) [(USA)RCA.AHL1-2983] M/M \500
Chet Atkins
CWL 2009 Chet Atkins picks on the Beatles [(Japan)Victor.SRA-5035(GF)] EX+/EX \1,000
CWL 1003 THE NIGHT ATLANTA BURNED(TheAtkinsStringCo.) <RCA> [(JAPAN)RVC.RVP-6025(Liner/Insert)] M-/M \500
CWL 1004 THE BEST OF CHET ATKINS and FRIENDS <RCA> [(JAPAN)RVC.RVC-6159] 日本語ライナーノーツなし EX+/M \500
Chet Atkins and Les Paul
CWL 2010 Chester and Lester [(USA)RCA.APL1-1167] EX/M- \800
Cliff Waldron & The New Shades of Grass
CWL 2011 Traveling Light [(Japan)King.LAX-6023(LyricSheet)] M/M \900
Country Gentlemen
CWL 1005 LIVE IN JAPAN <2LP> [(JAPAN)King.GXF-27-8(GF-LyricSheet)] M-/M \2,000
Doc Watson
CWL 2012 Old Timey Concert (2LP) [(USA)Vanguard.VSD-107(GF)] M/EX- \600
Dolly Parton
CWL 2013 Just The Way I Am (2LP) [(USA)RCA/Pair.PDL2-1009] M-/M \500
CWL 2014 Heartbreak Express [(USA)RCA.AHL1-4289(LyricInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 2015 Burlap & Satin [(USA)RCA.AHL1-4691(LyricSheet)] M/M \500
CWL 2016 Potential New Boyfriend (Special Club Remix) <12"Single> [(USA)RCA.PW-13545(OSOS)] M/M \300
CWL 2017 Save The Last Dance for Me (Special Extended Single) <12"Single> [(USA)RCA.PW-13712(OSOS)] M/M \300
Don Gibson
CWL 1101 GREAT GIBSON, Vol.1 [(USA)RCA.LSP-4378] EX/EX+ \500
CWL 1102 Toch The Morning/That's What I'll Do <Hickory> [(USA)MGM.HR-4501] M/EX+ \500
Don Williams
CWL 2018 Expressions [(USA)ABC.AY-1069(GF)] M/M \500
Donna Fargo
CWL 2019 The Best of … [(USA)ABC/Dot.DO-2075] M/M \500
Earl Scruggs & Tom T. Hall
CWL 2020 The Storyteller and the Banjo Man [(USA)Columbia.FC-37953] M/M \900
CWL 1008 VARIATIONS <Elektra> [(JAPAN)Warner-Pioneer.P-10614E<Sample>(Obi,LyricSheet,Liner/insert)] M-/M \800
Emmylou Harris
CWL 2021 Profile (Best of… ) [(USA)WarnerBros.BSK-3258(LinerInnerSleeve)] M-/M \500
CWL 2022 Blue Kentucky Girl [(USA)WarnerBros.BSK-3318(LyricInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 1009 PROFILE 2 (TheBestOf…) <WarnerBros.> [(JAPAN)Warner-Pioneer>P-13031<Sample>(LyricSheet)] EX+/M \500
CWL 1104 WHITE SHOES <WarnerBros.> [(JAPAN)Warner-Pioneer.P-11417<Sample>(Obi,LyricSheet,Liner/Insert)] M-/M \500
George Hamilton 4
CWL 2023 North Country [(USA)RCA.LSP-4517(GF)] EX/M \500
George Jones and Tammy Wynette
CWL 2024 Together Again [(USA)Epic.JE-36764] M/M \500
Grandpa Jones
CWL 2025 Old Time Country Music Collection (2LP) [(USA)CMH.CMH-9010(GF)] M/M \800
CWL 2026 Family Album (2LP) [(USA)CMH.CMH-9015(GF)] M-/M \800
Hank Williams
CWL 2027 Hit Songs (10inch-LP) [(Japan)Columbia.ZL-5007(LyricSheet)] EX-/M- \900
CWL 1012 THE LEGEND LIVES ANEW(…with Strins) <MGM> [(JAPAN)MM-2008(GF-LyricSheet)] M-/M- \500
John Denver
CWL 2028 John Denver [(USA)RCA.AQL1-3075(LyricInnerSleeve)] M/M- \500
Johnny Cash
CWL 1017 THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.SONP-50373(LyricSheet)] M-/M \800
Johnny Lee
CWL 1019 BET YOUR HEAT ON ME <Aslum/FullMoon> [(JAPAN)Warner-Pioneer.P-11097Y<Sample>(Obi,LyricSheet)] M/M \500
Juice Newton
CWL 1020 QUIET LIES [(USA)Capitol.ST-12210(LyricInnerSleeve)] EX/M \500
CWL 1021 OLD FAME <RCA> [(JAPAN)RVC.ROL-8328(Obi,LyricSheet)] M-/M \500
Kitty Wells
CWL 2029 Greatest Hits [(USA)MCA.MCA-121(LabelInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs and The Foggy Mountain Boys
CWL 1025 FOGGY MOUNTAIN BAND <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.20AP-18] M-/M \900
Marty Robbins
CWL 2030 All-Time Greatest Hits (2LP) [(USA)Columbia.KG-31361(GF)] M/M \900
CWL 2031 With Love [(USA)Columbia.JC-36507] M-/EX- \300
CWL 2032 Encore [(USA)Columbia.FC-37353(LabelInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
Merle Haggard
CWL 1026 MERLE HAGGARD & The Strngers (Best of…) <Capitol> [(JAPAN)Toshiba-EMI.ECS-50053(LyricSheet)] M/M \800
CWL 2033 It's All In The Movies [(USA)Capitol.SM-12036] M/M \500
CWL 2034 Back to The Barrooms [(USA)MCA.MCA-5139] M/EX= \300
Oakridge Boys
CWL 1027 AMERICAN MADE <MCA> [(JAPAN)Victor.VIM-6302(Obi,LyricSheet)] EX-/EX- \500
Porter Wagon and Dolly Parton
CWL 2035 Poter 'n' Dolly [(USA)RCA.AYL1-4251] M/M \500
Ray Price
CWL 2036 The Best of… [(Japan)Columbia.YS-442(LyricSheet)] M-/EX \500
Ricky Skaggs
CWL 2037 Sweet Temptation [(USA)SugerHill.SH-3706] M/M \500
CWL 2038 Waitin' for The Sun to Shine [(USA)Epic.FE-37193(LyricInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 2039 Highways & Heartaches [(USA)Epic.FE-37996(LinerInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
CWL 2040 Family & Friends [(USA)Rounder.0151] M/M \500
Ricky Skaggs & Toy Rice
CWL 2041 Skaggs & Rice [(USA)SugerHill.SH-3711] M/M \500
Roger Whittaker
CWL 2042 Imagine [(USA)RCA.AFL1-3077] M/M \500
Ronnie Milsap
CWL 2043 Only One Love in My Life [(USA)RCA.AFL1-2780] M/M \500
CWL 1028 THERE'S NO GETTING' OVER ME [(USA)RCA.AYL1-5140(LyricInnerSleeve)] M/M \500
Rosanne Cash
CWL 1029 SEVEN YEAR ACHE <Ariola> [(JAPAN)King.K28P-162<Sample>(Obi,歌詞カードなし)] M-/M \500
Roy Acuff
CWL 2044 The Best of… [(USA)Capitol.SM-1870] M/M \500
Roy Clark and Buck Trent
CWL 2045 Banjo Bradits [(USA)MCA/ABC.MCA-37130(LabelInnerSleeve)] M/EX- \300
Sleepy LaBeef
CWL 1031 NOTHIN' BUT THE TRUTH <Rounder> [(UK)RounderEuropa.REU-1014] M/M \500
Statler Brothers
CWL 2047 The Country America Love [(USA)Mercury.SRM-1-1125] SLD \500
CWL 2048 The Origimals [(USA)Mercury.SRM-1-5016] M/M \500
Tanya Tucker
CWL 1034 HERE'S SOME LOVE <Decca> [(JAPAN)Victor.VIM-6112(LyricSheet)] M/M \500
Tom T. Hall
CWL 2049 In Search of a Song [(USA)Mercury.ML-8013] M/EX- \300
Tony Rice
CWL 2050 Cold on the Shoulder [(USA)Rounder.0183(CC)] EX+/M \500
Willie Nelson
CWL 2051 Sweet Memories [(USA)RCA.AHL1-3243] M/M \500
CWL 1035 SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.25AP-2009(PhotoInnerSleeve,LyricSheet)] EX+/M \500
CWL 1036 ALWAYS ON MY MIND <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.25AP-2743(LyricSheet)] EX-/EX- \300
CWL 1037 TAKE IT TO THE LIMT(withWaylonJennings) <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.28AP-2748(LyriCSheet)] EX/M \500
Willie Nelson & Leon Russel
CWL 1038 ONE FOR THE ROAD <2LP> <Columbia> [(JAPAN)CBS/SONY.40AP-1605-6(GF,LyricSheet)] M-/M- \800
COMPILATION (Various Artists)
CWL 2052 The Best of Bluegrass (L.Flatt & E.Scruggs, Don Reno & Red Smiley, Grandpa Jones, Hylo Brown, Jimmy Skinner, Red Allen,..etc) EX+/M- \800
CWL 2053 The Best of Country & West (Joe Sun, Charli Rich, Kenndells, George Jones, Ronnie Milsap, Sheila Andrews, Melba Montgomery..) M/M \500
CWL 2054 Clawhammer Banjo-Old Time Banjo and Fiddle Tunes (Kyle Creed, Fred Cock, George Stoneman, Wade Ward) EX/M \500
CWL 2055 Country Song Round-Up (Speedy West, Tommy Collins, Ferlin Husky, Roy Acuff, Faron Young, Merle Travis,Wanda Jackson,…etc) M-/M- \800
CWL 2056 In Concert -ABC TV Show <2LP> (Charley Pride, Chet Atkins, Ronnie Milsap, Dolly Parton, Jerry Reed, Gary Stewart) EX/M \900
CWL 1039 THAT DOBRO SOUND'S GOIN ROUND (UncleJosh,ShotJackson,BashfulBrotherOswald,Jack"Hoss"Linneman.DeaconBrumfield) M/M- \900
CWL 2057 Stars of The Grand Ole Opry 1926-1974 <2LP> (Uncle Dave Macon, Pee Wee King, Bill Monroe, Minnie Pearl, Eddy Arnold,…etc) M-/M \1,500
CWL 2058 20 Bluegrass Originals (Flatt & Scruggs, Jimmy Martin, Kentucky Travelers, Charlie Monroe, Hylo Brown, Reno & Smiley,…etc) M/M \800
CWL 2059 The World's Greatest Bluegrass Bands No.2 <2LP> (Osborne Brothers, Merle Travis & Joe Maphis, Pinnacle Boys,Josh Martin,..etc) M/M \500
CWL 2060 The Wininning Hand <2LP> (Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Brenda Lee)] M/M \900
CWL 2061 Western Big Ten <10inch-LP> (Eddy,Arnold, Jim Reeves,Hank Lockin,Poter Wagoner, Pee Wee King, Hank Snow, Stuart Hamblen… ) EX/M- \800